The Permaculture ( Permanent Agriculture – Permanent Culture ) world is more than 35 years old and has witnessed many a foray into many different levels of the Aid and Development industry with mixed results.

The 12th European Permaculture Conference in Escherode Germany August 2012 discussed and realised the need to form an organization to support and develop the growing awareness needs and call for long term sustainable models through all fields of aid and development and all other communities, especially every field of agriculture, to also recognise all energies gone before and support all now active and those emerging.

Global Alliance for Permaculture Partnerships and Solutions (GAPPS) will be the organization to ensure this. It invites all individuals and organisations to become partners on this journey. It will operate from a flat chaordic management pattern acting as a convenor of alliance and partnership.

The website of GAPPS has been formed. Already the International NGOs of,, are in alliance. The invitation is for every organization you are part of or know to be partners and yourselves and every individual you know to become members. There is room for all with much work to be done on many fronts.

We now invite you to come on this journey with us and build a true partnership and alliance to satisfy the wide and varied demands in these industries for successful sustainable development. You all have a valuable part to play.

GAPPS will need teachers, designers, builders, technicians and interns. All professions will be needed. This invitation goes out to you all.

Please read the GAPPS Prospectus and register your interest and become active.

With thanks the GAPPS team